If you have an item subject to the new restrictions but are unable to transport it to the recycling center, there is a solution!


The Morris Plains Rotary Club provides a service that is available to Morris Plains residents. You can contact the club and they will come to your home and pick up the item(s) and transport them to the town's recycling center. Please note that this service is intended for those individuals who are unable to get the items to the center themselves. Pick-ups will generally be scheduled for the first Saturday of each month. This service is also available for other eligible items listed below.


As a result of the Electronic Waste Management Act, which took effect at the start of 2011, residents will no longer be allowed to place TV's, computers, monitors or laptops for curbside pick-up.  It will now be necessary to bring these items to a recycling center. 

If you have any questions or items and you would like to schedule a pick up, please contact Tom Zinckgraf, project coordinator with the Morris Plains Rotary Club at 201-919-3144.


Eligible Items




Small Appliances

Television (25” max)

Microwave Oven

Stereo Equipment

Toaster Oven

DVD Player

Blender/Food Processor


Computer Monitor/Keyboard 

Computer Hard-drive

Computer Printer

Miscellaneous Items:

Telephone or Fax machine

Household batteries

Fluorescent Bulbs

Empty Propane Tanks